Glenn Hughes

Glenn is an English singer an bass guitar player best known for being part of Rock/Funk pioneers Trapeze, Deep Purple MK III & MK IV formation and for leading Black Sabbath in the 80s.

In addition to being an active sesion musician, he mantains a remarkable solo career. Nowadays he leads hardrock supergroup Black Country Communion next to guitar virtuoso Joe Bonamassa. He also led the rock band California Breed from 2013 to 2015. On April 6th 2016 he was inducted to Rock & Roll Hall of Fame as a Deep Purple member.

Glenn has trusted our products almost since day one. His HipStrap Vintage Style Guitar Straps have been with him for almost 200 gigs around the world in the last four years. Nowadays he is presenting his Tour Classic Deep Purple Live through all Europe.

He owns a vast colections of our guitar and bass guitar straps. Live he choose our Purple Haze vintage style guitar and bass guitar straps with his Pecision Bass made by Nash Guitars & HipStrap Coral Haze with his vintage Rickenbacker 4001 Fireglo from Deep Purple era.  

In some media picture he can be seen using our vintage new old stock straps Bohemian Red y Fillmore Yellow.