Placing a wholesale order is dead simple.

  • Order by email - or

  • Order by phone. Call us at 5491159546102.

Please include the following information:

  • Company Name

  • Website

  • Buyer

  • Full Address

  • Brief summary of your business.



  1. Send an email to or in order to request our Wholesale Price List.

  2. Place your PO.

  3. We'll review your PO and send you an invoice with shipping and any additional fees included. When approving your invoice please be sure to double-check that we have the correct, current shipping address.

  4. Approve the invoice to begin production. International orders require a deposit at this point to initiate work. Be sure to confirm the shipping information on your order.

  5. We'll send you an expected ship date.

  6. Final balance is due when you receive your order.



  • No minimum order required.

  • You must approve your invoice. Upon approval we'll give you an expected ship date. Most orders ship within one week, but this is subject to change based on your order and the time of year. Please confirm that your order is correct and the shipping information is correct. You are responsible for any order that has been approved.

  • We accept check, credit card, wire transfer, or Paypal. Wire transfer processing fees may apply and be added to your invoice.

  • All international orders require payment of 50% of the total invoice before we can start work on your order. The remaining 50% of the total is due upon receipt of your order. If it is your first international order we require full payment of your invoice before shipping.

  • You are responsible for any customs/import fees or taxes.

  • All prices are listed in USD.